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Korea Eundan Vitamin C 1000

Korea’s No. 1 Vitamin / British Vitamin C Made from European Corn
Vitamin C 1000mg

Korea’s No. 1 Vitamin C

Korea Eundan Vitamin C 1000 is Korea’s leading vitamin product,
proudly ranked top among vitamin • mineral health functional products.

*Source: 2016 Food and Drug Statistical Yearbook, Ministry of Food and Drug Safety

Vitamin C Started in the Corn Field of Europe

Vitamin C Started in the Corn Field of Europe
The ingredients of Vitamin C in Korea Eundan Vitamin C are made from natural corn harvested from European corn fields.

Premium Vitamin C Ingredients from the UK

Only UK and China produce Vitamin C ingredients in the world and Korea Eundan has signed an exclusive supply agreement with DSM for the supply of vitamin C (Ascorbic acid 97%) produced in the UK to make products using British vitamin C ingredients.

Functional Ingredient

Functional Ingredient Content % Daily Value
Vitamin C 1,000 mg 1,000 %

Vitamin C

Necessary for the normal structure and maintenance of the connective issue
Necessary for the absorption of iron
Protect cell constituents from oxidative damage