Korea Eundan is opening up a new future to improve people’s health through its philosophy and know-how of 70 years.

Korea Eundan is a Korea’s health functional food company
that has been loved by Koreans for 70 years since its foundation in 1946.
The beginning of the company was the mind to share better quality medicine.
That spirit lasts for seven decades and Korea Eundan is constantly putting
efforts to offer high quality products.
By offering customized health functional food to modern people
who are exhausted from stress, irregular eating habits, and environmental pollution,
the company contributes to improving Korean’s health,
going together in the 100-year-old era.

Corporate Philosophy

A company that upholds the value of precious life

In the 1940s, the majority of Koreans were poor.
At that time, there was a pharmacy located in Shinchon, Seoul, which offers drugs with good raw materials at reasonable prices.
“Keeping health is a driving force of life. Giving all people the power to lead
a life with medicine made of good raw materials” was the philosophy of this pharmacy.
The president of this pharmacy is chairman, the late Cho Gyu-cheol, the founder of Korea Eundan.
Cho Gyu-cheol decided to use eundan as a business item as he had noticed that
it removes the impurities from the body and helps to enhance the circulation of blood.
As a result, he established a company with the philosophy of making high-quality eundan accessible to everyone at low prices.

Providing High Quality Products
at Reasonable Prices is a Top Priority!

Chairman Cho Chang-hyun, the second-generation head who experienced a rapid change of social environment,
figured that the human body doesn’t have the capacity to generate vitamin C, an essential nutrition to take,
while devising modern healthy food for the health of people. With the philosophy of “creating a world where
all Koreans can lead a healthy life by developing products with high quality good ingredients, while lowering
corporate margins and selling prices”, he dived into a challenge for further growth with vitamin business.
As some concerned about corporate management because of weak corporate margins resulted from using
high quality ingredients, Chairman Cho Chang-hyun said, “there are many low quality low-priced products,
but I believe customers would realize the value of quality products made of good raw materials and they continue
to choose them.” He also added that “authenticity is the company’s greatest strength.”
Korea Eundan Vitamin C 1000 has been loved by Koreans, continuously growing as national vitamin C as if it proved his words.

Taking a Further Step Towards Global Health Functional Food, Going Beyond the Domestic Market!

Cho Young-cho, the third-generation head of the company after Cho Chang-hyun, successfully managed
the company by shifting the industry from medicine to health functional food to overcome the limitations
of distribution channels. By expanding limited distribution channels, he made vitamin easily accessible to more people.
In addition, Korea Eundan has become a brand that can compete against global health functional food brands
beyond Korea by practicing transparent management through 100% disclosure of origin of raw materials and
by further enhancing product quality through continuous innovation and investment. With the philosophy of
“corporate social responsibility is for consumers and employees”, President Cho Young-cho continues to
practice sharing and mutual prosperity as well as employee welfare. Korea Eudan takes people’s health and
continuous corporate value creation as a priority rather than the profit of the company!


A Health Partner Who Makes a Better Tomorrow with Customers

Growth by establishing a balanced portfolio

Quality management pursuing customer happiness

Nurturing global talents who can drive future growth