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Consistent Principle, Good Ingredients Make Good Products.

Korea Eundan selects only the best ingredients for superior quality.
The background of it is a corporate philosophy for ingredients that
has passed down nearly 70 years, which puts people’s health first
rather than seeking company profit. When thinking that my child and
my family eat, being meticulous to the smallest units of raw materials is a must-do.
People ask why
Korea Eundan is so rigorous.
Korea Eundan thinks.
No matter how small
the difference is, it is for health.
No matter how invisible
the difference is, it is for you.
As we think of you,
we have to be strict on
every single ingredient.

Made with British Vitamin C

Made an exclusive contract for ingredient supply with DSM, the world’s largest supplier of premium vitamin ingredients

DSM is a leading premium vitamin ingredient supplier that has grown into the world’s largest vitamin manufacturer
for the past 70 years since it first started producing vitamin C in 1938. Only UK and China produce vitamin C ingredients
in the world, and DSM’s factory manufacturing vitamin C ingredients is located in Dalry, United Kingdom.
Korea Eundan has signed an exclusive supply agreement with DSM for the supply of vitamin C (Ascorbic acid 97%)
produced in the UK to make products using British vitamin C ingredients.

DSM’s Quality Assurance System

Despite the price, which is about four times higher than the cost of other vitamin C ingredients, the value of Korea Eundan products have improved through Quali-C, a strict quality assurance system that has been accredited worldwide.

In particular, Quali-C of DSM is a quality guarantee logo attached only to high quality premium vitamin C products manufactured in accordance with the highest safety, health and environmental standards such as GMP, HACCP, CEP and ISO. It is the quality assurance system of DSM, which enables the entire process from raw materials, production, quality control to shipping to be tracked, thus being trusted by the world.

Story of Vitamin C Ingredients

Korea Eundan vitamin C ingredients,
100% extracted from vegetable starch!

Korea Eundan’s source materials (raw materials) of vitamin C ingredients used for vitamin C are plants such as corn, tapioca, sweet potato, potato and the like. The safety of ingredients has been enhanced by going through the process of fermenting, concentrating and refining glucose extracted from the starch in plants.














Fermenting / Refining



Vitamin C