Quality Control | KOREAEUNDAN EN

Korea Eundan promises to offer only the best products, and manage quality according to the most stringent standards.

We provide our customers only with safe products managed under our one-Stop system, from ingredient inspection to product manufacturing, shipping and after-sales service, through its own manufacturing facility certified to HACCP (food safety management system) and GMP (good manufacturing practice standard) used to produce safe and reliable products.
Although the ingredients are same, quality cannot be imitated.

Quality Management

Korea Eundan Meets Customer Satisfaction with a Strict Quality Management System.

Our promise to give only the best products to our customers.
The first step to fulfill this promise starts with thorough and strict quality control.
Korea Eundan carries out safety test for material formulation and ingredients used for products,
while strictly managing all the processes that are delivered to customers to
improve quality and maximize customer satisfaction.
In addition, we are devoted to improving the reliability and stability by manufacturing the products
with advanced machines at the facilities certified by GMP and HACCP.


GMP is a system designed to manufacture safe and high quality health functional foods that are trusted by consumers under the manufacturing standards approved by the Korean Ministry of Food and Drug Safety.

Quality Trusted

Quality Trusted is Korea Eundan’s quality assurance mark that is given only to reliable products through rigorous quality control.

Distribution to logistics and customer service

All process from distribution to logistics and customer service is strictly managed by Korea Eundan to ensure that the customer is satisfied until the end.

Korea Eundan not only manufactures products, but also thoroughly manages after sales services,
providing customer service to satisfy customers until the end.

We have operated a sales and distribution
management system to develop a professional
distribution network to deliver our products
to customers through reliable distribution channels.


We have built a sophisticated shipping system
by operating our own logistics center for
quality control and smooth distribution
of our latest products.


We provide customer satisfaction
by operating a specialized
customer service center to improve
continuous quality control and customer service.

Korea Eundan manages the entire process from purchasing raw materials, manufacturing and
selling products to after sales for all products made by the company with a non-stop flow.
In addition, we make great efforts to maintain the trust of our customers by developing a quality management system.