Korea Eundan Research Institute

Korea Eundan Research Institute consists of research team and development team.
The research team is responsible for evaluating functionality
of bioactive substances using natural materials and exploring
substances that show synergistic effects.
The development team is in charge of developing test methods
for functional raw materials for commercialization and conducting
stability tests for setting expiration dates and formulation among others.

Product Development and Research

We take the head in developing products to
deliver customer satisfaction and value creation.

Korea Eundan is leading the way in developing products based on its long-accumulated experience
and technology, combined with continuous investment in research.
We put a lot of effort into improving the quality of our existing products, developing products that can
maximize customer satisfaction by considering the characteristics of modern lifestyle, and leading the
domestic health functional food market. Furthermore, our &D department focuses on creating
customer-oriented value and researching health functional food that is appropriate to the globalization era.
It also aims to become “the best healthcare research institute in Korea” based on cutting-edge science
and technology, along with excellent researchers.

Major Tasks of Korea Eundan’s R &D Research Institute

Development and research
of new products to create
new value for modern society


Major Tasks of Korea Eundan’s R &D Research Institute

Improving quality and
strengthening core
technologies to
maximize customer


Major Tasks of Korea Eundan’s R &D Research Institute

Establishing education system
to nurture global healthcare

Development of Functional food

Health functional food refers to products made from functional ingredients that have been
approved by the Ministry of Food and Drug Safety by evaluating scientific evidence such as
animal tests and human body application tests.

Functional ingredients are classified into two types: notified ingredients and separately approved ingredients.
The notified ingredients can be used by anyone as the Ministry of Food and Drug Safety notifies the standards
and specifications of “Health Functional Food Code “. The separately approved ingredients mean the ingredients
that have been approved by the MFDS separately after conducting evaluation.
In order to develop separately approved ingredients, the research team is examining the likelihood of making
functional ingredients by studying the physical properties and efficacy of the ingredients. The development team is
developing various types of formulation and conducting standardization study to commercialize these ingredients.

Research Area

Natural product research

Plants, animals and minerals in different environments have unique characteristics.
These characteristics can have significant effects on the human body. We are studying the functions of these “bioactive substance” and verifying their efficacy. The efficacy studies are done in the form of cell, animal, and human body studies and they are carried out in cooperation with related organizations to confirm their efficacy in a cross-sectional manner.

Safety Study

Safety research on functional ingredients is commissioned and evaluated by the GLP organization. We have developed improved ingredients based on the contents of the research.

Formulation Study

We have developed health functional foods and foods that can be eaten easily and deliciously by researching formulations including tablets, hard and soft capsules, granules, powder, and beverages.

Product improvement

We have carried out research to replace synthetic food additives with natural raw materials. We also strive to provide safe food to consumers by confirming the stability of the prototype products.

Development of Test Methods

We have conducted standardization of products through the development of standards and test methods.

Stability Research

We have performed research that involves checking the changes in the products in a constant temperature and humidity environment to determine the shelf life of the product.